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This band is awesome live!
Feb 21,2004
Kay's Review
What's up? I just got back from the concert in Sebring, FL and it was
just totally awesomeness!!!! OMG all the guys looked and sounded
totally great! The show was so much fun, I got a lot of good pictures
(after we FINALLY figured out how to work the camera...right lex lol)
I got to hear some more songs off the new album at soundcheck and
trust is going to be worth the wait, "November" is an awesome
song...totally awesome..I'm praying that they put it in the show. I
met Lexi at the fair and we hung out and had a lot of fun at the
show. Soundcheck was a lot of fun too, Dale sung Bon Jovi's "Wanted
Dead or Alive" for me :) (I feel loved)
They still have the same merchandise as last year, with one
The show was a lot of fun, and this new album is totally gonna rock!



REVIEW by Tina A.
Owensboro, KY 

I have no words to fit what I saw in Owensboro, KY.
My friend Angela and I took out at the last minute and saw these guys and we defantly got a great show. Actually more than what we imagined.
The guys were all so nice and warm (like always) to all of the fans. The new show was beyond words for me. They were in top form and nothing slowed it down. If you haven't been to a show GO! RUN! GO NOW!! It's just that awesome. They played alot of the new album and I believe it will be a hit.  They still did 'Devil' and let me tell you.. David was right in front of me  on that one and I about fell out in the floor. Thank God my camera worked great in dim lighting!!! >:}
I cant wait to see them all again.

December 12, Paradise Rock Club, Boston

This was a hit and miss show. Ben kept complaining that his voice was hurting, and it was clear he was having trouble hitting the notes on the ballads. Great version of "Philosophy," though, and the band did a funny, rocking version of the "Rockford Files" theme after "Battle of Who Could Care Less" (it really must be one of Ben's favorite shows!).

Upcoming Shows

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